Right now Aerosmith is putting the finishing touches on a new album that will be out in the Spring.  Steven Tyler is finishing up some lyrics for the new songs on the album and has a obligation as a judge on American Idol.  However when the Idol season ends in June, look for Aerosmith to hit the road!

Joe Perry broke the news on twitter that the band will indeed be touring, however no dates have been announced but tickets will go on sale sometime in March.  He also said that the new album will sound like classic Aerosmith.

We were all in the room when we were pulling these songs together and recording them. Every way that we used to make our records, that’s what we did to get this to where it is. Right down to what we’re doing now, which is going over the tracks and bringing them up to speed. Steven Tyler is finishing up the lyrics and we’re just going to put the finishing touches on it.

Keep checking back for the Aerosmith concert dates and tour information.