I recently caught a glimpse of Adrienne Bailon on-line as photos of her rocking a leather bikini hit the web.  I did what all men probably did - I first asked myself "Who the hell is Adrienne Bailon?" and then I drooled over Google images of the hottie.   I was lucky enough to stumble upon photos of Bailon becoming the latest wardrobe malfunction victim. 

Adrienne Bailon is an actress and singer, but is probably most famous for dating E reality star, Rob Kardashian.    -  Right, I know, nobody gives a darn, you want to see the wardrobe malfunction of the hottie!

Bailon was at Escape to Total Rewards function in New York and decided to wear a see-through dress. Her -ummmm- area, was covered by a giant ruffle.  The Gods of Wind were kind to us and the world caught a glimpse of Bailon - all of Bailon.  Check out the pics of the dress!

What do a think?  On a scale of 1-10, one being the Ma Fratelli from The Goonies and 10 being Lzzy Hale , what do you give Bailon?