I love me some turkey, ham, or even lamb when it comes to holiday meals but I don't want to get to know my dinner before I cook it up. A farm is giving people the chance to "adopt" a turkey, name it, and even visit the poor SOB before it's killed for your dinning enjoyment.

For roughly $20 (US) you can buy the package that includes the room and board for the 6 months at the farm, located near Edinburgh, UK., that the turkey will live at before being slaughtered. Because nothing says Christmas like having your child become attached to a new "family pet" then reviling they are eating it after opening presents.

The original intention I guess you call "good." The farm owners say they want to open people's mind to "free range" animals and how their food is produced before consumption.

Heather Anderson, co-owner of Whitmuir Farms, says they want people to understand it takes 6 months to raise and care for the animal before it's ready for slaughter. The program is seen as a "down payment to look after your Christmas dinner."

She continued by saying that some of those who do the adopt-a-dinner program actually give their bird a name. In fact, some women name the bird after their husband - Ha Ha, not very funny ladies.