When it comes to the Occupy movement you are either for it or against it and there isn't much middle ground.  Adam Carolla explains the movement and how the people who are in it are nothing but "lazy, self entitled monsters".  NSFW audio.

A rant recorded by Adam Carolla on his radio show has gone viral on the internet and from his words, Carolla is NOT a supporter of the Occupy movement.  In this nearly 10 minute long audio clip he describes the protesters as envious of the people they are protesting who according to Carolla already "pay their fair share of taxes".

He harkens it back to the "everybody gets a trophy" mentality that America has gotten sucked into over the past few years.  In the rant Carolla calls out the protesters for being lazy and wanting everything handed to them.  He also says that they aren't properly prepared for life and are just jealous of people who have worked hard for their accomplishments.