An 84-year-old woman can die "proud" someday and say she once met famed actress Reese Witherspoon, or, rather that she hit her while driving Wednesday morning.

The woman is being cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian while in a crosswalk, which was apparrently unmarked. It is at the intersection of 20th street and Georgian Ave.

A witness at the accident site tells Us Weekly: The driver seemed to have not seen her because of a large tree at the intersection...[Reese] was lucky, because it could have been much more serious.

Whether or not it was unmarked or blocked by a tree, it shouldn't be hard to spot a runner, especially a famous one.

The 35-year-old actress and mother was immediately taken to the local hospital.

Witherspoon, (a frequent jogger) who resides near Brentwood, California, suffered only minor injuries, mainly a quarter-sized gash on her forehead, and is now recovering at home with her husband and two young children.

It seems Witherspoon will make a full recovery, hopefully free of scars. She'll just have to be more careful when crossing roads, eventhough it's drivers responsibilities to keep an extra eye out for pedestrians. Accidents happen, however and thankfully Witherspoon and the old lady are both OK.

Do you think this could've been avoided? Why or why not?