My name is Gary Ziele. I am the guitarist, drummer and vocalist for the band Active Aggression. The band consists of myself and Matt Cornwell (Bass). On our new album, Hard Rock to Make You Rock Hard, I recorded the guitar, drums and vocals. Matt recorded the bass parts. All the songs were written, recorded and produced by Matt and I. We have been trying to get it out to the public, but the internet can only get you so far. We are a rock band that plays all diffent styles of rock. From Hard Rock, to alternative to punk to ballads. I will email you the tracks to check out and mail out a press kit. You can also listen to the entire album for free at our home page . Curently it is on sale on iTunes, Napster, Amazon, CD Baby and eMusic. Thanks for listening!

Active Aggressions Home Page

Active Aggressions YouTube Page