Do not pass go, do directly down the "Highway to Hell". It's been a long time since I've had my eyes on Park Place but perhaps owning the rights to the 'Back in Black' cd might make me interested in playing Monopoly again. Elvis, The Beatles, KISS, The Grateful Dead and most recently Metallica have their own Monopoly game, and this week AC/DC's version will go into production and is due to be on shelves as early as August. Of all those artists I'd probably be most prone to play the KISS one, as both KISS and Monopoly were certainly a part of my childhood. And considering that the business of KISS would sell their souls (if they haven't already) my guess is that they were probably the first ones to think of this once pretty good idea. So why not support the originator? But in a day where you can play guitar on your I-Phone, I don't know if anybody is going to sit down and play a board game of any version.