For headbangers across the world, everything just got a little bit brighter.  Hard rock legends AC/DC and one member of the 'Big Four' are currently beginning work on brand new albums.

I knew that Megadeth was far from calling it quits especially with the recent success of the 'Big Four' tours that they have been on with fellow thrash metal giants Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax.  Looks like we we can expect a brand new album from them coming up this fall.  It will be hard to follow their last album, End Game, because it is regarded as one of the bands best.

On this new record Megadeth will be working with producer Johnny Karkazis who has previously worked with Distubred, 3 Doors Down, Machine Head and Sevendust.  I can't wait to hear more from Megadeth, I just don't know when they will have time to record it.  They seem to be pretty busy being involved in the 'Big Four' plus headlining the Mayhem Fest this summer along with Godsmack and Disturbed.  They say they will start laying down tracks this week, so maybe they will work quickly.

AC/DC was rumored to be hanging it up after finishing the Black Ice World Tour, their most successful ever.   Lead man Brian Johnson had said that he had, had enough and wanted to call it a day.  They have been doing it since the 70's and who could blame them for wanting to go out on top.  Well they aren't finished yet.  Lead man Brian Johnson said recently that AC/DC isn't going away until the world wants them to, and right now they are in high demand.

As of right now they are planning a new tour that will top the efforts of the Black Ice tour including a brand new album.  All of this of according to guitarist Angus Young.  He says that he isn't sure how they will top the Black Ice tour yet, but they are working on it.