Let me just throw out a big fat OOPS before I even get into the bulk of this ridiculous story. And by the way, this is Albany's version of Dumb and Dumberer loaded with alleged drinking and driving and crashing. So, oops! 

Sunday morning 25-year-old Laura Stefanik was pulling a 3-point turn at the intersection of Slingerland Street and Second Avenue. Seems legit, right? Welp, here comes Ramel Alexander on his motorcycle. Boom! Literally!

Alexander drove smack-dab into Stefanik's car door and was thrown from his bike landing on the street. Ouch!

Turns out, Stefanik and Alexander were allegedly under the influence of booze, according to Albany police.

Both were sent to Albany Med., treated for minor injuries, and sent home along with tickets for driving while intoxicated and a host of other traffic violations.

Well, I bet that'll learns ya now won't it?