I thought it was really cool when I found out that the sign you see as you enter Kurt Cobain's hometown says “Welcome to Aberdeen, Come as You Are”, but in my opinion this may be a bit too much. It’s great to honor an artist. But isn’t one big mention in a small town enough for a guy who had some terrible substance abuse problems and committed suicide? Obviously those who worship or idolize Cobain/Nirvana may beg to differ and may even hate me for pointing out his bad sides. But if you’re just an ‘average Joe’ or casual fan, would you want your kids playing in a park named after such a person? Although I certainly enjoy lots of Nirvana’s music and would have to say that they helped change the face of rock music by bridging the 80’s to the 90’s and even further, they are not my favorite band. If I were living there I think I would vote against the naming of a bridge and park after Cobain and just happy with the “Come as You Are” sign