After just 4 episodes ABC has decided to cancel the reboot to the 70's female crime series.  It will air the remaining episodes that were filmed but once those have aired, it's over.

Another highly promoted fall show has bitten the dust.  ABC has officially pulled the plug on Charlie's Angels after just 4 episodes hit the air.  They have produced 4 more episodes that they will let air at it's current time, but they aren't going to be making any more after those hit the air.   The reason for the cancellation, low ratings. People just weren't tuning in.

I am surprised at this because I actually enjoyed this show.  It had a bit of a different feel than the original series from the 1970's, which aired for 6 seasons.  It is the first show that ABC has cancelled as part of their new fall lineup.  Of course the biggest disservice to it's watchers is the fact that you don't have a weekly date with the smokin' hot Minka Kelly anymore.  That in itself is a tragedy.