I often find myself always looking for new music and bands to listen to from rising artists. As an art student, it is not unusual for the question to be raised on whether or not our society is running out of art, music and movies to produce. In short, have we lost our creativity? This is something I really hope I am never around to witness, and some bands really give me a positive outlook for what the future has to offer.

Since my commute is a little over an hour to and from Q103, my iPod is generally on blast to drown out the boring car ride and in tonight's case, the horrible road conditions. A song on my iPod I haven't really listened to yet really caught my ear tonight. It was "Forever" by Red. I purchased Red's album over the summer because they were touring with Skillet and Creed for awhile. As a major Skillet fan, I assumed the album would be very similar. Red is also a Christian rock band and they produce awesome music.  The album is in fact, just as good as I expected it to be. It is Skillet meets Chris Daughtry, and just so powerful and the band has so much talent to offer. I really believe in sharing the wealth and encourage everyone to buy this album or at least download the song off iTunes.