Don’t you just love lasagna? Of course you do! It’s sauce and cheese man. It’s like pizza with no dough. Oh, but it’s such a pain in the ass to make.

 Actually, I have never even attempted to make it, but I’ve seen others and it really seems like a lot of work. So I found the perfect solution. Buy some that somebody else made. Here’s what I do. Go over by the deli at Hannaford’s and grab a chunk of lasagna for $4.99. They have all kinds of foods that prepare daily but I can tell you that this lasagna rocks. It’s made there, so it’s not frozen or filled with a bunch of chemicals and additives. I’m telling you if you’re a single guy who’s trying to somewhat healthy and don’t feel like cooking, you can’t beat this. All you need is 5 bucks and a microwave baby.