A man almost got into a fight because some one kept him from eating his airline food? Now that doesn’t make sense to me.

According to Mail Online a 33 year old man sitting in the economy section was about to eat his airline meal when an 18 year old in front of him decided to recline his seat. The older man was so enraged he could eat his meal that they almost had an all out brawl 40,000 feet in the air.

In all the years I have been on a lot of flights. From propeller plans to international jets, but in each one of them my experience has been pretty much the same. You sit in a tiny itchy polyester seat with the illusion of the option to recline. But once you hit the button to move your seat back, you move from a 90 degree sit to a comfy and relaxing 89 degree angle. What joy? But I guess I never considered how you might have unconvinced  the passenger behind you once you hit that extra degree back… oh wait, I never considered it because there is NO one being unconvinced! The seat moves so slightly that there is little change in your area. This man was angry at something else, because it certainly wasn’t his inability to get to his food. Not to mention, who is so eager to eat airline food that they want to start a fight over it?