Q103 is proud to welcome Aerosmith & The Global Warming Tour with special guest Cheap Trick to Albany's Times Union Center on June 29th.  Tickets go on sale Friday at 10am, this week, listen to Q103 to Beat The Box Office and qualify to win FRONT ROW.  Aerosmith is one of my all-time favorite bands,  and I had the privilege to meet Steven Tyler and the band.

For as long as I can remember I've always liked Aerosmith. When I was in high school, while my classmates were digging Zeppelin and Floyd, I was cranking up Aerosmith's debut album. From 'Toys in the Attic' to 'Draw The Line' (and many others), as I own all their vinyl, CD's and box sets.  Every time I hear 'Sweet Emotion' it sends chills down my spine.

Before radio, I've seen Aerosmith in concert numerous times here in the Capital Region as well as Boston and other areas throughout the country. I've even seen Aerosmith when they were "broken up" without Joe Perry on the 'Lightning Strikes Tour', as well as their 'Back in the Saddle' tour, 'Done with Mirrors', 'Permanent Vacation' and 'Pump' tours, plus rode the Aerosmith Roller Coaster at Disney hundreds of times. How could you not like them? They are the essential band that has defined rock 'n roll.

When I finally got into the radio business, many people (including listeners) knew of my obsession with Aerosmith.  When the band came to the Knickerbocker Arena (now the Times Union Center) in the 1998,  I finally had the privilege to attend a meet & greet with Aerosmith- this was one of my dreams coming true.

The band had just released their book 'Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith' and were embarking on their 'Nine Lives' tour. I had the book and was bound and determined to get the band to sign it.  As the meet-and-greet began, a security representative said the band wouldn't be staying long as they will take photos and then leave to prepare for the show. I knew that Joe Perry is usually the first to leave, followed by other members while Steven Tyler is usually the last to leave.

Usually I am not one to get giddy when meeting bands but this time was different, these guys were my rock 'n roll heroes. I also knew the best way to keep a band around is to bring with you some big breasted women and of course I had them with me along with my newlywed wife. Once the band finished taking the photos, I got Joe, Brad, Joey and Tom to sign the book.. the only guy left was Steven Tyler.  As I looked back into the room, my plan was working as Steven had gravitated over to the big-breasted girls I had brought with me... mission accomplished. I walked over to Steven, had him sign the book and then proceeded to act like a typical Aerosmith fan telling him how much I liked the band, etc.

One of the girls that I brought with me (who I have known since college) knew how much of a Aerosmith freak I am and said, "Why don't you tell Steven the time we were in college and what you said about Aerosmith"?  This had Steven's attention and he said, "Yeah, Rob, why don't you tell me about it?" Now I am sure that he was thinking perhaps something kinky happened but not really, so I said okay and began my story.

We were in Burlington, Vermont, heading into a local establishment where one of the local bands were playing. As we walked in, the girl turned to me and said "Rob, when I get married, I'm having this band play my wedding." To which I responded (drunkenly with a Molson beer in my hand), "F-that.. Aerosmith is playing my wedding!"  Although I had recently married, Aerosmith did not play my wedding. To which Steven Tyler said, "Rob, you should have called us, we would have played your wedding!"

A few months later Aerosmith was set to perform at SPAC.  It was one of the first dates on the new tour and the next night they were to play Boston, which is always a huge for them to play in their hometown. The radio station that I was working at that time had given away tickets and meet-and-greets, as well as the chance to sit on the side of the stage.   However, just hours before the promotion/meet-and-greet was to start, we got word through their label representative that the band would be unable to meet with fans and that the meet n greet was canceled and had a message for one person.

The rep said Steven Tyler had a message for the ' Radio Wedding Guy'.  He said that he apologized that the band was unable to meet listeners at SPAC, but if I wanted to be a VIP at the Boston show, the band would send a car to my house to pick my wife and me up, and take us to the show!!

Holy S! Say what you want, Steven Tyler has an incredible memory and didn't forget that I was a huge Aerosmith freak!!  Unfortunately I had to decline the offer and for the life of me I dont recall why I canceled. I did get to sit on the side of the stage that night at SPAC, though!

Now that Aerosmith is returning to the Capital Region June 29th at the Times Union Center, I wonder if Steven will remember the 'Radio Wedding Guy".  One thing I know for certain- the show will ROCK!

Rock-a-holics  - get your pre-sale link here. Pre-sale ticket sales start Wednesday at 10a - Thursday at 10pm.