Its the last week left to play in the NFL season Keisha, the Buffalo Bill Cheerleader with football picking skills has to catch Mrozek; he has a two game lead.

Keisha needs a perfect week and Mrozek needs to faulter in order for Mrozek lose the friendly wager of NFL picks Radio Guy vs Cheerleader all season. 

Keisha sits at 22-24 while Mrozek is up 24-22.   Here are this weeks picks.  Keisha takes Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Baltimore.  Mrozek has Atlanta, Indianapolis and Green Bay.  Take em for what they're worth!

 At the end of the season whoever has the most loses will have to eat a dozen atomic buffalo wings.  Kiesha will be in the Capital Region with another Buffalo Jill Cheerleader  Ruby for the NFL playoffs on the weekend of January 15th & 16th where the bet will be paid off.  One week left, the question is "who will be eating the wings"?