*Might Not Be Safe For Work*

You know those extremely obscure offers on the Craig’s List casual encounters section you see? Well This dude sees them all the time and almost always accepts them.

My friend Ed is one of the most sexually enlightened and weird dudes on the planet. When it comes to the casual encounters section on Craig’s list he almost never says “no”. When Ed stumbled upon a post that said “looking for someone to watch” he explains to me he just couldn’t pass that up. I assume being a “someone” who also has “eye” capable of watching makes him a perfect fit for the experience. Check out this strange yet classy Craig’s List adventure on this classic addition of the EdCapades. Ed will take you on the journey of meeting two complete strangers and the experience he had being “The guy in the corner”. If you think watching two strangers smash bodies together like a two sides of a cheese sandwich is awkward wait till you hear what happens to ed after the event.