If you were at Q-Ruption you saw most of our staff join the guys from Free Beer and Hot Wings for stage announcements between the bands. Well, it’s kind of a funny situation to be in as you pretty much just wait on the side of the stage for your cue to go up there. You could be waiting 2 minutes, or 20 minutes. But you have to make sure you’re ready and easily spotted for whoever it is that’s giving you the microphone. Because if you’re not ready when they’re ready, then you just missed your chance.

While waiting to introduce Five Finger Death Punch there were many roadies moving stuff all over the place and it was really hard to find a spot to not be in anyone’s way. I don’t know for sure what band these roadies where from but they were getting pissed and little mouthy. We kept trying to stay out of their way, but again, we had to be right there and had nowhere else to go. Well just before things started to get a little too heated Ivan Moody of 5FDP (who was getting loosened up with a little stretching) had noticed what was going on while and said “Hey guys, you know what? If you want you can go over to the other side next to our guitar tech and hang out there… Nobody will bother you over there.” It may not seem like much, but it was very cool of him to realize what was going on and find us a nice little spot where we weren't getting yelled at just for trying to do our job. So to you Ivan Moody I say… “Thanks guy!”