Why would this dude - um - chick? Want his/her ding-a-ling back? You’re 75 its going to be as useful as a sock full of salsa at this point!When making life altering choices you need to be absolutely sure this is what you want. If you are getting Tattoo, buying a house, or chopping off your clown you should be certain it’s the right move. According to the Sun a dude who had a sex change 23 years ago (so now a chick) has decided that he/she would like to have a physical relation ship with a women but does not have the correct equipment.

 “I want them to put my tackle back”

Let me remind you this person is now 75 years old so I don’t see the point. At this age grandma/pa your shriveled twinkly would be completely useless. You might as soak a hot dog roll in some water and glue that to your crotch. It would be the same effect except better, because this you can eat kobayashi style!