Look out world! There’s a 70 year old saber tooth tiger on the prowl and she’s looking for someone to explore her uncharted cave.

Pam Shaw who is 70 years old and works as a cabaret singer has remained a virgin for all her life. But according to thesun.co she is looking to change that. I say good luck skelator.

Some guys think of virgin women as exciting and desirable and I’m assuming this Pam Shaw still thinks she fits in this category. I’ve never been into the idea of a virgin (Stage 5 Clingers) and will someone please tell this dementia patient that she is well passed her expiration date? I’ve heard of guys wanting pop cherries, but no one wants to pop a cherry that has been fermenting for nearly a century. 70 years old and willing to get freaky? How appeasing is it to put your penis in something that I can only assume feels like it’s full of sandpapery cat tongues. None the less I wish this crazy old bat well on her quest to get laid and lose her virginity.