Walking off with a tv or someone’s X-Box seems someone difficult but at least it’s doable. But to think there are mastermind hillbilly criminals who walk off with $50,000 homes is insane.The latest to come out of upstate New York is a 70-foot-long mobile home has just gone missing from the parking lot of a diner in Hampton NY.

Investigators say the owner had to have emergency surgery and when he came back to Hampton a few weeks later, the trailer with the $50,000, partially furnished mobile home was gone.

Police say someone apparently hitched a truck to the trailer and towed it away late on the afternoon of Sept. 23, when a witness reported seeing it headed toward Vermont. –HP

They headed to Vermont? Of course, that makes complete sense. Isn't that the state that Walter White was hiding out in Breaking Bad? Or was that New Hampshire?  Oh what’s the difference. Bottom line, I cracked the case for this missing mobile home.

Walter White took it and he’s chilling out watching old Ernest DVDs and sucking down fresh maple syrup in VT right now.