A young Girl in Texas being mistreated in a sexist manor? Gasp! I’m so shocked this could happen in our country let alone Texas!

I’ve watched this story over and over and I still don’t see the big deal. The coach explains that they are moving to a league where girls are no longer aloud on the same teams as boys. This girl is now seven years old, I think it’s about time she starts to understand how not equal the world really is. I’m confused; does this town not have girl’s teams? I’m not saying girls shouldn’t be aloud to play on boy’s teams. I’m just saying that the rules of the new league in this story is she can not play on the boys team. If she were to be aloud on the team by the coach then they would be breaking the rules. I’d rather have my daughter sitting out of sports and cooking with her easy bake oven than be a lousy CHEATER!

“I cant be live she already has to face this…” –Mom