Sooner or later it’s going to happen. No matter what you drive (unless it’s a bulldozer), you are eventually going to wind up stuck in a snow drift some day. When this happens, what is the best way to get free?

I recently learned not everyone does it the same. If you’re like me and have muscles the size of beach balls then you simply just pick up your car and move it to a place without snow. Pushing manually is my technique but there are several others. What way is the best?

Ways to get your car unstuck from the snow
  1. Rock the car backwards and forward by quickly shifting from drive to reverse. Sixty percent of the time this technique works all the time.
  2. Have a super strong human (like myself) push from behind while you step on the gas. Effective and fun when you add in the risk of potentially running over your friend.
  3. Pour kitty litter under your tires to build traction and prevent slipping. This is a good technique if you need to both get your car unstuck and a place to go No. 2.
  4. Cry until a nice stranger comes along
  5. Use a friend’s car to slam into the back of your car to free it. Of course now your friend’s car will be stuck so this will eventually lead to a long circle of people just slamming into each other’s cars.
  6. Wait 'till spring.
  7. Get out of your car and fight the snow to the death!