This story is everything but sad. He was 67, don’t you think it was about time to cash in the chips anyways?

According to the Huffington Post a 67 year old man named Robert Gene was said to have received several dances in a Texas strip club. However, when they went to collect his money the staff found the 67 year old white dude unresponsive (slang for: Fucking Dead).

This story is anything but sad, I mean I plan on cashing out around 64. but if I make it to 67 I’ll have no choice but to blow all my money like Robert Gene and by a bunch of hard core drugs and hookers. I know his approach was a little less extreme as my plans but he still did it right. This creep-o left this world with a girl as young as his grand daughter grinding on his shriveled old walnut shaped penis and will for ever be known as the old guy who died during a lap dance. That’s one way to leave your mark.


PS: Remind me to never get a lap dance from this stripper who killed this guy. Baby’s got back that kills!