When you think of the winner of a bikini contest, you certainly don't think of a 64 year old grandmother.   Ruby Carter-Pikes, otherwise known as Miss Ruby from Los Angeles California recently won a Fitscience championship over women one third her age and has a body that many will die for.

Hot Grand-mama!  Miss Ruby competes all over the country and has wom numerous fitness competitions.  She calls herself the sextagenarian and struts the stage in a skimpy, string two-piece.  Miss Ruby won 2nd in the Women's figure and in Womens Super Master.

I am the oldest of twelve siblings and the first grand daughter of 45 grandchildren. We lived in a rural and remote area in Mississippi.

Miss Ruby

She was also born with a heart problem, so she has always been health conscience.   She has been eating well for years especially after watching many of her siblings and family members suffer from poor nutrition.