The marathon swimmer attempting a second go at swimming the Florida Straits has ended her bid.

That was fast...sort of.

An update on yesterday's blog about the inspirational, marathon swimmer in her sixties attempting to swim from Havana to Key West without the use of a shark cage has abandoned her campaign at hour 29.

The reason this time around strikes similarities for the reason she was unable to finish her first swim in 1978, unfavorable weather.  Specifically, "wind conditions and 'less than ideal currents'" are to blame for the latest effort.  It seems the wind was strong enough to blow her off course and would have put her too far east of where she intended to land in Key West.  In 1978, strong currents and rough weather caused her to be tossed around inside the shark cage; she lasted 41 hours and 49 minutes in her first try.

Despite two failed attempts, Nyad said she doesn't feel like a failure and hopes that her efforts still managed to send a message to the elderly about still having strength and things to offer even after a certain age.

You can check out the official story here.