Some wacky things happened last night while you were sleeping to Facebook.   No need to run to a ledge or delete your page.  Here are 6 important things to know about the changes so you can go about your day and enjoy the new Facebook changes without feeling lost.1. Top Stories and Most Recent now in one News Feed

Facebook say's that when you visit Facebook,  you should see the things you are most interested in.

Replacing the Top News and Most Recent with a single news feed. The most recent on top and older stories below.  If you haven't been on Facebook in a while, the first things you'll see are the photos and statuses posted while you were away.   Notice the photos are much larger to enjoy while scrolling

2.  Live Feed Ticker

You'll notice to the right a ticker on your page.  It will give you what your friends are posted literally in real time.  You should be able to scroll over, view their statuses and comment while not losing your place.  Make sure to check out the cool birthday feature as well.

Many already think this ticker feature is odd or annoying, and will complain - I think we will all get used to it.

3.  The Subscribe Button

Facebook will now allow you to subscribe to someone even you are not friends, plus people can subscribe to you.  Somewhat taking a page out of Twitter.  You can also set how much you want to hear from a person.

You'll have a choice between
All Updates- Everything a friend posts
Most Updates - Normal amount you would see
Important Updates Only - Just highlights

4.  Friend Button with Smart Lists

Now you have a few options whenever you friend someone – or if you hover over the Friend Button on their profile –  At the top of the list, you can easily set someone to “Close Friend”  where you can see all post or only an “Acquaintance.” where you can see “Only Important".

Facebook will also compile data from how you use Facebook, who you interact with, what your posts are etc.. and will create lists accordingly.

5.  Profile disappears

Instead of Profile and Account, its all replaced by a small thumbnail - this is so you know exactly who  is logged in.   It should make things clearer when using your page.   Account has been replaced with a simple down arrow.

6. There are "smaller" updates coming.

Over the next few weeks, you may notice some smaller updates.

Facebook will also stop emailing you notifications every time someone comments - instead they will email a summary of daily activity.

There will be a translate button, where you can post comments in another language.

Posts that have links will show you who shared them .

Enjoy the new Facebook, of course people will complain just because they don't like change.  Facebook is constantly adapting and changing.  They are just trying to stay on the cutting edge.