The guys cracked each other up this morning while watching a video of 5th-Graders in Montana predicting the future of the Internet. Before they started watching, Free Beer got the guys talking about the Internet, asking everyone if they remembered when they started using the Web in their radio work.

“I remember being told by a manager one time, get off the Internet and prep for your show,” said Free Beer. He responded by telling his manager, “I don’t think you know how this works.”

Pretty much everyone arrived to it sometime in the mid-90s, but Zane admitted to still not quite getting how everything worked for a few more years. The guys then remembered a hoax email that Zane forwarded to absolutely everyone at their old radio station, clearly showing that he was easily duped and not quite on the ball yet.

Watching the video, as the kids started making predictions, the guys would pause it whenever they thought of a joke and offer their own predictions (in kid voices, of course) of all the wondrous things you could do on the Internet – “Join a hate group, traffic people, illegally download copyrighted music, have an affair, masturbate, check out pictures of high school friends to see if they got fat.”

“Our predictions are way better than theirs,” said Zane.

“I don’t know what part of Montana this video was made in, but we’re on in Missoula and in my dream one of the kids in that video is listening right now,” said Free Beer.

Check out the video of these little Nostradami: