It's official- VACATION!  Let me tell you, I feel like I've needed to take a week long break for about 10 months but whatev, my ass is out like a light.  One thing though. I spent so much time feeling the excitement of not coming to work that I completely forgot about activities and such. Let's face it, sitting at home for a week is lame and I'm not in the position to travel, so now what?

After a bit of thought I put together a list of things to do around the Albany area while on vacation. Enjoy your work week ;-)



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My one and only plan for my vacation involves camping. I'm headed north to Indian Lake for the weekend and fortunately, my buddy owns a plot of land so free is definitely the cost for our site. However, if you aren't privy to a free camping spot, check this ish out. Thank me later!


Hoffman's Playland

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Ever been to Hoffman's? If you answered no, we have something in common, sadly. And I grew up here! Anyway, Hoffman's is a locally owned amusement park that is:

A- Reasonably priced

B- Perfect for the little ones

C- Doesn't pick up and move every other week. That to me is key!

They are closing down after 60 years, at the end of the Summer, so get your ride on at the Albany area's 'not Six Flags, commercial' amusement park.


Thacher Park

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From hiking to site seeing to biking to spending the entire day just relaxing, Thacher Park is the place! Located around 20 minutes from downtown Albany, this is the place everyone should spend at least a day at, regardless of how many times you have been there. Load up your cooler, bring a garbage bag, some toys for the youngins, binoculars and just go!


Empire State Plaza

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Centrally located in downtown Albany, if you miss 'The Plaza' as us locals refer to it, you have been driving around with your eyes closed, seriously. The New York State Museum is housed here and features a little bit of everything that makes our state rad. You also have the Corning tower which has an observation deck on the 42 floor, that's free! Check out this site for everything else 'The Plaza' offers.


FastTrax Indoor Go-Kart Track

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Without a doubt, a few laps at FastTrax is key to any successful vacation day. Located on Washington Ave Ext. (Crossgates Commons)  FastTrax is a brand new indoor go-kart track in the Albany area and offers a variety of pricing options. You can either go in for an afternoon of racing or become a member and see some savings. In other words, leave the kids at home, grab a few buddies, and go enjoy 45mph indoor karting before you have to return to normal life. Trust me, you won't be let down.