Yar! - Friday August 3rd is the first ever Q103 Pirate Cruise aboard the Dutch Apple. We go on the account and hoist the jolly roger beginning at 6:30pm for a three hour cruise along the Hudson River. There be plenty of booty, lass's, and grog, so matey's here are the top five reasons to join us.


#5 Live Music from the band Hygeer.

Hygeer is a local band consisting of four guys from Broadalbin, who love to play hard rock. They'll play two sets of covers to rock the cruise. Musical influences include Three Days Grace, Nickelback, Buckcherry, Godsmack,  and Smile of Empty Soul.   They even plan to perform a kick ass version of 'In the Air' from Phil Collins.

#4 Beautiful Weather Forecast

There will be no need to bring a sweatshirt, jacket or umbrella. The weather forecast calls for clear skies, no rain with temperatures in the 80's. It will be a nice night for a sightseeing cruise along the Hudson with a drink in hand. Bring friends for a chance to party and kick off the weekend!

#3 Free Bar-B-Que

The first ever Q103 Pirate Cruise admission includes bar-b-que from Capital Q Bar-b-que located on Ontario Street. This is something special and worth the price of admission alone. Usually there are only chips and drinks aboard the Dutch Apple, but the Scullywags from Capital Q are bringing ribs, chicken, pulled pork and more to feast on.   See their menu at www.eatmypork.com

#2 Pirate Wenches

What better than sailing the high seas of the Hudson than with a pirate wench on your arm? It's not necessary to dress as a pirate to get on board the ship but its encouraged. We will be playing pirate games and giving out prizes to the best pirate costume like Q-Ruption and Trespass America Festival Tickets. Our Q103 Q-Tease will be dressed as sexy pirate wenches to help make your Q103 Pirate Cruise a memorable one.

#1 Drinks

Ah yes.. there's plenty of grog that will need to be drunk on the pirate cruise. That's the Pirate way, we hope you're ready to drink lots of rum!

Shiver me timbers, all this for the low price of $10.39! Tickets are going fast and the boat might sell out before we leave port. Be sure to get yours now, don't wait and be left on the land!!

Learn to talk like a pirate here.