The Grinch has stuck early this year. In the city of Hamlin, about 4 hours to our West, 350 Christmas Trees have gone missing in a heist of epic proportions.

It happened in the early hours yesterday, November 21th, when someone stole a 28-foot trailer. Police are investigating the incident and currently have solid no leads on a person of interest.

What is known is that a farmer called police after noticing a pickup truck backed in to his driveway and made off with 350 Douglus fir trees. The value of the stash, $12,000.

Police are looking for 2011 gray pickup truck with a trailer baring the "Niagara Landscaping" logo on the rear door.

How sad is that? The time when people are putting up trees is when some jerk steals a load of them. I wonder how you would see these without someone noticing? Not like there is a black market for Christmas trees, or is there? Hmmm