You might think Zack Snyder is keeping busy, what with post-production on 'Man of Steel' and the latest trailer hitting today, but he broke a near-six month twitter silence to tweet the debut of the first poster for '300: Rise of an Empire.' And the poster definitely makes it looks like the last movie, and that it is proud of its producer.

Here's that poster:

This came from Snyder's Twitter -- which he hasn't been using much of lately -- though the poster likely debuted at CinemaCon, which is going on right now. But it's not surprising that Snyder is front and center with this movie, as the film itself isn't exactly chocked full of name players (we like Eva Green, but we doubt that's what will get audiences in the door). But '300' also didn't have many famous faces and it was a massive hit. Was it the trailer, shirtless Gerard Butler, speed ramping action, the comic, or all of these things combined? Hard to say.

The new film comes from Noam Murro, who got his start in commercials, and has mostly been attached to sequels (though he made a little indie film called 'Smart People' in 2008), as he nearly directed 'The Ring Two' and 'A Good Day to Die Hard.' In both cases he appeared to dodge a bullet. '300: Rise of an Empire' opens August 2.