It was just a few short months ago that Los Angeles trio 30 Seconds to Mars rocked the town of Clifton Park. They put on an amazing show and brought the crowd to another dimension. They were cohesive and seemed to be a three-way match made in, shall we say, mars. However, the music world got news today that this seemingly "perfect" group might be calling it quits after over a decade.

According to Alternative Press magazine's website, the band is planning to call it quits after their current tour ends. They announced the news via their Twitter page:

Stay tuned to MTV News tonight for an exclusive clip from Jared Leto discussing how 30 Seconds to Mars is calling it quits #30secondstomars

#30secondstomars fans, the clip is on the show tonight, we will tweet the link once online. We just did the interview, judge for yourself.

I can't imagine being in the same group for over ten years. I always wondered how successful bands lasted as long as they do. Perhaps the boys are losing their sense of self and identity, or don't have time with their families. It's always devastating when an amazing band breaks up, but we as supportive fans need to realize that they are people too and need to fulfill their hopes and dreams outside of the band. Please be supportive for the band as they go through this rough time; I know it will help and make things a little easier for them if you have them in your thoughts.

If you're a 30 Seconds fan, tune in to the new clip that will be shown on MTV tonight. What do you think of this news? Do you think they will really break up?