No matter if you're for or against it legalizing - One thing can be said: True Stoners do nothing to help their cause in most cases; This being one of them.

A group of 3 pot heads didn't make the cops go far at all to nap them for puffing on the green. The 3 were standing directly outside and on the property of a police station in Totowa, NJ.

Now, they weren't in the lights of that illuminated the police station parking lot but the scent of the marijuana is what gave them away to police.

What's worse? The idiots couldn't wait to took up as they waited for a friend inside the station filling out paperwork for an impounded car. You couldn't wait 5 more minutes?

The 3, who must have thought "let's smoke pot at the police station. no one will ever nail us", were arrested for drug possession and so was their friend inside the station.