Here’s a good one. Dave Grohl says he used to wear long johns under his jeans because he thought he was too skinny. Wow, that’s as vain as Seinfeld changing the waist size on his jeans so people thought he had a smaller waist.

Doesn’t it feel like the Foo Fighters are about to explode? I know they’re big, but right now it seems like they are approaching a U2 like status. By that I mean that U2 is so big that they could put anything out and it’s just going to blow up. No matter what, even if it was terrible people would just love it because it’s them. The Foos aren’t quite there yet, but I see ‘Wasting Light’ as being U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ and just sending them over the top.

With all the buzz on the new Cd, a cover album, the documentary ‘Back and Forth’ that was in theaters, SNL and now Dave has made the ’25 Things You Didn’t Know’ list from Us magazine. It’s not something I normally read, but I assume that not many rock-n-rollers make it. Click here to find out a bunch of whacky tidbits about Dave like that he never took lessons to play the drums. He says that he learned to play on the pillows in his bedroom. What a nut!