Alice Scanlon has been keeping tabs on every single tax she has paid over the course of the last year. This includes regular state and federal taxes on top of taxes at the pump and the fees we all pay on our cellphones. Heck, she even kept up on alcohol taxes she has paid for drinks.

Her total? $26,000!!!! $26,106.93 to be exact.

Yeah. Between what is taken out of her paycheck and actually paid out of hand, over 26k. That takes up 27% of the combined income for her and her husband.

Not trying to get too policital here, but when you break it all down like that - It's crazy to think that we never give a second thought to the other taxes we pay outside what we see taken from our paychecks and boy does it add up

So that begs the question, Are you paying more then your "Fair Share"?