One of the summer festivals that we have been able to count on since 2008 is the Mayhem festival and this years lineup does not disappoint.

The annual summer metal and hard rock festival is going to be back for 2011 with a killer line up.  Co-headliners Godsmack and Disturbed will be joined on the main stage by heavy metal icon Megadeth.  Now that alone is enough to bring fourth the metal masses with devil horns raised high.  Mayhem festival regulars Machine Head will be back for select gigs as the opening act and will be rotating with In Flames and Trivium.  The second stage will include Unearth, Suicide Silence and more to be added.

As of right now no dates are in place for New York, but the festival will be all around us if you don't mind traveling.  With this lineup I think most wouldn't have much of an issue jumping in their cars for a few hours.  If you haven't seen Godsmack live then you are missing out.  They kill it every single time.  Now we just had the pleasure of having Disturbed here for the Music As A Weapon Tour, so you know they are great performers.  Megadeth is always a treat, and with most of the original lineup back together they are playing tighter then ever.  Now more dates will most likely be added so we will keep you posted.

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