Normally I like to take the easy approach on this subject and make a buttload of funny, sexiest comments. However, this Amanda Leve chick appears to be a beast and I’m pretty supportive of her pursuit. Some people might find it strange that a girl wants to wrestle but I find it strange that there are still teams in our country that do not allow them to at least try.

“A teenager with big dreams is fighting her way to the top and she is defeating one boy at a time. But tonight she’s facing her biggest challenge yet — getting onto the boys wrestling team. If you think it’s an odd sight watching Amanda Leve beat a boy into submission, think again. The 16-year-old is so good she’s won jiu-jitsu tournaments, and now she wants to wrestle at Archbishop Ryan High School.” –Philadelphia CBS

At 16 years old, Amanda has already proved herself as a competitor and a motivated person. I say let her try wrestling.

I have wrestled for over 15 years and have encountered many girls in practice rooms. Never have I had to face a female opponent myself due to the fact that a lot of athletic girls don’t usually weight 184 lbs., but I have seen them in the lower weight classes.

Sure some guys will say it’s a lose-lose situation when facing a girl but if the lady can go then let her compete. I witnessed young girl wrestlers make male opponents cry from the peewee level through high school.

 In statement from an Archdiocesan spokesperson:

The majority of sports in our high schools are designated by gender with separate teams for boys and girls. These measures are taken to ensure an appropriate playing environment that is safe for all participants. They also reflect the Catholic teaching that gender differences are important and play a role in the development of mature Christian identity while serving the distinct differences between male and female athletes.- Philadelphia CBS  

This is the silliest reason on the planet. Is part of your catholic teachings also learning how to be a sissy? There should be no fear to let a female compete on the wrestle mate with the boys. If  Archbishop Ryan High School is still having reservations about letting this beastly 16-year-old wrestle then allow me to remind you of a young lady named Danielle Coughlin of North Andover High School.