Steal my school bus once, shame on you. Steal my school bus twice and… well you’re not, you’re not going to steal it twice. Oh, what’s that, the kid stole my school bus again?

This kid from Florida might go down as a hero in the eyes of middle school kids everywhere after he was charged with a felony for stealing a school bus. To pour more gas on the fire, this kid is being accused of stealing another school bus as well. Allegedly, the 12-year-old stole his family’s car and drove to a middle school where he found an empty school bus. He ditches the car and up graded to something a little less conspicuous. It looks silly seeing a kid in a car but a school bus, that’s just an everyday occurrence.

I’m not saying stealing anything is “right.” I will say stealing is flat out wrong and you should never do so. However, if you must wreck your future forever and you must steal something, then you might as well make it a school bus. Stealing something silly like a school bus is a great conversation starter this kid will have for years to come when he meets new people in the juvenile correctional facility.