You got to love sweethearts who hold such high expectations for fast food and then throw childish tantrums when they aren’t met.

According to this story on a central Ohio women has been banned from McDonald's after the employees made her chicken club incorrect.

"I threw a sandwich and it didn’t even hit the worker…”

Yeah I’m sure that not the reason your being banned, I mean its not like you threw a hand grenade or a box of Africanized killer bees. You threw a poorly prepared sloppy chicken club. And that employee who has made life out of poor decision including dropping out of high school and making $7/hour at the local McDonald's deserved a sandwich thrown right in their stupid face.

This is McDonald's were talking about, you may have spent about $6.95 on a bag of food and had to wait like 2 full grueling minuets for your food. People don’t understand how stressful it is for a hard working women like this to go through all that trouble only to find out her order was wrong. Bravo lady! You make me want to stand up for our freedom and march to McDonald's today and order a 20 piece Mc-Nuggets only so I can fire them one by one at every person in the building! USA-USA-USA!

2 things I love most about this video:

The Jackass reporter re-enacting the opening of the sandwich box.

And that this was actually considers new worthy enough they devoted 2 mins.