Facebook is my number one distraction. Have you ever wondered who exactly is looking at your profile? With a private profile, your friends are the only ones that can view your images, but when it's public it's open to everyone with Facebook. It's virtual paparazzi on your life, except you're allowing it to happen. 

Here's ten reasons why you should consider changing your profile to a private setting:

  1. You know those creepy guys at the bar? Well they're on Facebook too, but creepier. How many of them do you think touch themselves to your pictures?
  2. They also know where you live, how old you are, if your single. They know too much.
  3. Everyone in the world also knows when you are on vacation and your house is vacant.
  4. You can't stop anyone from stealing your photographs. Whether they are of you or your photography, it doesn't stop people from stealing.
  5. It also doesn't stop them from stealing your identity.
  6. Your boss probably now has 1001 reasons not to give you a raise.
  7. Your potential boss also has 2000 reasons not to hire you
  8. Those people you never wanted to see again after high school can see you. They most likely want to see how much weight you've put on, but chances are, they put on twice as much weight.
  9. If you "Check In" everywhere you go, it can easily lead to a stalker. You're just making their job easier.
  10. You have zero privacy!