Back in November, I saw Alice Cooper perform at the Palace Theatre, and their opening act Livan took me by surprise and I immediately feel in love with them, especially after I met them and saw how awesome and down-to-earth they were. Shortly after that, I did a review of their debut album Off the Grid. I recently got a chance to ask front man Livan some questions, so read on to find out more about this amazing five-piece band who hail from the UK.

1. How did the Alice Cooper tour/you other tours this year go? Was that your first big tour? If so, how did you and the band get along being together basically 24/7 and being in such close quarters?

We have been touring all year round and it's been a wonderful ride. Wherever you have children growing up there is conflict :) We are no different. Luckily we are all professionals and have done this for long enough to know how to handle the pressure.

2. How in the world did you get chosen to open up for Alice Cooper?

Those match ups happen through agents, so I guess Alice was given a few bands to choose from and he chose us.

3. Now that the tours are over, what will you and the band be doing with all of your down time?

This new year I will focus on a new record and also on producing and writing for other bands which is something I do.

4. I see you have a Master's in Psychology. How did your band come about then? Do you plan on practicing your degree?

I practiced my degree for a number of years until we started to have success in Europe, which is when I was able to fully commit to my art. I worked in prisons and rehabs for a number of years.

5. How have growing up in the UK and having a Psyche degree influenced your music?

It has given me the gift of being able to recognize what I am feeling. That in turn helps immensely when one is transposing that to music.

6. Your songs are so full of whimsicality, fantasy and just odd, unique lyrics. What else motivates and inspires you to write the music you do?

I am a political animal. The moral and spiritual decay we are experiencing is food for thought. I am also a big fan of poets such as Lord Byron, who saw the the world from a very different angle.

7. What is Livan like when he's not performing? Like Alice, is your on-stage character an alter ego or is it all you all the time?

Livan is an alter ego as you say but I wish there was more of Livan in my real life.

8. What does the future of the band look like? Where do you want to be in say five years?

Times are very tough. The global economy is in dire straights and so is the industry. I am just going to keep on writing music and trying to make records I am proud of. It's a strange old life- you never know how things [will] pan out.

9. If you had one day to do anything, what would it be and why?

I would be the king of the world and I would ban shit television. The ultimate destruction of the mind!!!!!

10. Why did you choose the covers you did for the album? Do you plan on doing more for the next album?

I love a good cover and it's a lot of fun so yes at least one for sure!

To check out Livan's music, visit their Facebook page. I promise you it'll blow your mind!

Note- Livan was not available for follow-up questions and comments.