If you have ever left something behind in a restaurant, you know how frustrating it is, especially if you don't get it back. If you have ever found someone else's belongings, then hopefully you did the right thing and turned them in. Imagine finding money- not just five dollars on the floor, but $1.28 million dollars. This happened at a small eatery in Sydney, Australia, and officials are on the lookout for the mystery money man.

The setting, Marco's Cafe Italian restaurant, the scenario, man walks into the cafe and exits in a panic just moments later, only he left his money-filled suitcase behind.

Yesterday morning was when everything unfolded. So far, Detective Inspector Ian Pryde is on the lookout for a 30-something Asian male, according to restaurant witnesses. He was dressed in surfing shorts and a sleeveless wrestling jersey. He reportedly walked into the cafe, seemed in a panic and looked as though he was spooked, and then quickly left, sans his wealthy suitcase.

According to the article:

Investigating officers in Sydney report that the luggage in question contained a significant amount of cash--roughly $1.28 million in $50 bills. However, police have not yet arrived at a full estimate of the suitcase's cash content--for the simple reason that they're still counting it.

As a precaution, the cafe's two owners contacted the police, thinking the suitcase could be a bomb, so they carefully moved it out of the way and attention of customers. At least they could use it as bait if any customers threatened to leave without paying!

The police currently have a 49-year-old Asian male in custody who fits the description. They are preparing to question him about the suitcase and determine if he is the anonymous money-in-suitcase man.

A waitress from the cafe was contacted via telephone by police for a statement, but she claimed she was too busy with customers to comment.

Have you ever found anything in a public place? What would you do if you found the suitcase?